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Generator Control & Synchronizing Panels

Generator Control & Synchronizing Panels

Advanced Technology and Power Industries (ATPI), established in 1996 is a subsidiary Beaver Gulf Group.

ATPI has a long history of supply of switchboards and automation systems to contractors and end-users across the UAE and GCC.

The switchboards, approved by all the local authority and leading consultants, and has been used in several prominent projects. The switchboards are built to international standards and ATPI has type-tested its own engineered designs, at international independents laboratories (ASTA UK) for quality and standard verification. ATPI is an authorized panel-builder for ABB branded ArTu-K Type Tested low voltage Switchgear.

ATPI has created a reputation in the local market. The essence of its success lies in the expertise of a fine team of professionals, the high quality of products and services offered, the strong relationship with associates, and the ability to adapt quickly, efficiently and ably supported with the vision to think ahead.

Our Mission

To serve as ‘one-stop solutions provider’ and provide a sense of contentment and satisfaction to all our clients, through all the business segments we operate in. We maintain that focus whether faced with the biggest of challenges or the smallest of details.

Our Vision

To be a globally recognized corporation that provides best solutions in the electrical and automation fields, delivered by best-in-class people.